Natalie Wall, legally. Natalie Parker, marriage-ly.  I make up words when it suits me.
24 // SLC, UT.  

Can't keep my feet on the ground, or my head upright.
I enjoy creating art, singing in the shower, and eating expensive cheese.
When I'm not doing the aforementioned, I am neck-deep in science textbooks, preparing to save the world - one heart transplant at a time.

My philosophy as an artist is to capture raw moments and emotion - to create a photo experience, rather than just another photo session.


-Urban Outfitter
-Ugg Australia
-Dark Beauty Magazine
-Rock N' Roll Bride
-Coal Headwear
-Brickyard Buffalo
-T-Squad Clothing
-Salt on the Rocks

[PHONE:] 480.313.3518
[INSTAGRAM:] @nataliewall