Lessons From the Island

It's been a month since I've been home from Kauai, and I still find myself thoughts wandering off to that trip.  Kauai is one of those places where everything sort of comes together.  You have rain, you have sun, you have leisure, you have intensity.  It's the perfect canvas for a choose-as-you-go adventure. 

I'll be transparent for a quick second: life has been hard.  I say this without intention of eliciting a "woe is me" response, and must clarify with the statement that life is good.  But it is hard.  My husband is committed to his career, and I am committed to mine.  His requires he remain in Seattle, while mine beckons me back to Salt Lake. With this comes many trials and hardships - as if the communion of two inherently flawed individuals doesn't present enough obstacles to overcome already.

But the island offered a temporary reprieve from the stressful and pending life-decisions ahead of us. It offered a never-ending diet of tacos (everyday, I kid you not), hundreds of chickens alongside the road (cue: dirty jokes), salty hair and endless sunburns.  We drove with the windows down, sang at the top of our lungs, and broke a few rules. For 9 days, we were free from the constraints of adulting. 

We stayed in Princeville, which we quickly discovered to be located on the rainy side of the island. Luckily rainy Kauai pales in comparison to rainy Seattle, and it didn't stop me from consuming shave ice each afternoon.  We paid a few visits to Queen's Bath until the tides were low enough to safely swim in it.  Queen's Bath is a local tide pool typically only accessible in the summer months due to the dangerous currents and waves notorious for claiming a few lives.

I think my favorite activity of this trip was hiking down to Wailua Falls.  When I say "hiking" what I actually mean is "lowering-myself-down-a-steep-cliff-via-vines-and-tree-roots".  Like I said, we may have broken a few rules.  In my opinion, it (coupled with the 28 mosquito bites I came away with) was a small price to pay for the opportunity to swim under a waterfall in the middle of a tropical forest.

My takeaways from the trip are as follows:

  • Life can be simultaneously difficult and incredible.  Sometimes the struggle to stay afloat is what makes you appreciate walking on land.
  • Taco diets are the best diets (unsolicited plug for Paco's Tacos!).
  • If a sign says not to do it, it's probably worth doing.
  • Wear bug spray when hiking in a warm, tropical climate (I forget this, without fail, every time).
  • Josh can only listen to the My Chemical Romance album so many times before he's over the thrill of the throwback -_-
  • Regardless of how hard I try, I will never be able to consume an entire Kauai-style shave(d) ice on my own.


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Photos of me taken by @joshuaparker