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"You could feel it in the the air. This place was magical, certainly unlike anywhere I had ever before traveled.

From the incense lining the streets to the drums echoing from the temples, all senses were on overload. It was too much but simultaneously not enough. My entire being wanted to fully experience this beautiful culture.

nd so we embarked on a life-changing journey through Indonesia.

hat one summer of 2017."

I've always loved traveling. But there was something extra-captivating about the 10 days I spent in Indonesia.  The more time that passes, the more I fear I'll forget the little details that made that trip so intriguing: our incredible driver, the geckos that would sneak their way into our villa, the best-pad-thai-I've-ever-eaten, the death-defying act of walking anywhere in the city (they don't have sidewalks).  My book, more than anything, is my attempt at eternalizing those little moments.

After creating my book with Blurb and within a week of placing my order (see Part I) I had a lovely little package waiting for me on my doorstep when I arrived home from school.  I ripped it open, eager to see my photos in print.


Blurb offers a ton of different formats to choose from, and I decided to create created a 13x11 large landscape book.  To be quite honest, figuring out the direction I wanted to go with the cover design was the most difficult part of this entire process. I spent some time debating whether to use a photograph or to merely keep it simple.  Ultimately simplicity won, and I'm quite pleased with how it looks. 


I was blown away with the quality of printing that Blurb provides.  I had a tough time deciding between two of the papers from Blurb's swatch kit (matte vs. pearl), and was beyond satisfied with how the pearl paper amplified the colors of my photographs. I decided that because my photos already have a bit of a matte look to them pearl would preserve the blacks a little better. And it truly did.


Whether you're looking to create a professional portfolio or simply a personal collection
of memories, I was 10/10 thrilled with how easy and fun this process with Blurb was.

I'm excited to share my book with you all. I've even listed it for sale using Blurb's sell-through feature, which allows artists to sell their book directly through the site. You can find my listing in the bookstore here.


I'm so glad to have some tangible memories from one of the most incredible trips of my life. Now to decide where in my house I put this little beaut: coffee table or desk?

Have you used Blurb before? What kind of book would you create?